Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Good afternoon!

Last night I tried to stay up to upload my outfit of the day, but I just couldn't stay awake. It's a day late, but here I am updating now. School started last week and I feel like I have quite a lot of work to do. Hopefully, it won't stop me from updating my blog. Maybe I'll do it during class, just kidding!

Speaking of class, my classes are pretty far from one another. I have to speed walk to every single one of my classes, so what I wear definitely has to be comfortable. The orange maxi skirt is definitely comfy, that's the reason why I bought one in black too! I'm that type of person who buys things in multiple colors. Is that strange? I also took advantage of the H&M 20% off coupon with my purchase, hehe. Sign up to be a part of their newsletters and they send you coupons quite often!

Also, I'm looking forward to the weekend because of the Lunar New Year/Vietnamese New Year (Tet). If you're Asian, you know what I'm talking about. Red envelopes, that's not the only thing, but one of the main things.  (-; If I don't get to update before then, I would like to wish you a Happy Lunar New Year!

Sweater - H&M

Skirt - H&M
Necklace - H&M
Flats - Jeffrey Campbell from Nordstrom


Monday, January 20, 2014


Happy MLK Day!

My sister and I headed off to Disneyland once we woke up this afternoon. I've been to Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure several times, but I always see/learn something new each time I go. We only watched two shows at Disney California Adventure (DCA). Just last week I found out about the "A Bug's Life" show in DCA. Why have I not noticed it until now? The glasses for the show are super cute, but it's too dark in there to take pictures with them on, lol! I would have taken a bunch of pictures if I could. You just have to go and see it for yourself. (-:

(From my phone)

We also saw Muppet*Vision in 3D afterwards. It definitely reminded me of childhood, growing up and watching Sesame Streets. Here's a simple outfit I wore for the day! By the way, I think these pair of jeans are going to be my favorite pair for a while.

T-Shirt - H&M
Jeans - ZARA
Sandals - Gucci from Nordstrom Rack

After DCA, my sister and I went to go eat with my friend Samantha and her sister at Lazy Dog Cafe. I love happy hour, so much for so little! 

By the way I've been loving the NARS Copacabana Illuminator! I've been mixing it in my foundation and it sort of makes my face glow/brighter. I might actually purchase it once I use the gift set size all up.

That pretty much sums up my day! I hope you guys had a good day as well. (-:


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hello :-)

My "winter" break is coming to an end so soon and yet, I haven't updated my blog. It's the time to do so. Here's a look from yesterday and it's nothing new, but it's been pretty hot lately. What is Winter in California? I don't even know, lol! Why am I wearing all black definitely popped up in my mind.

Sweater - Forever 21 
Leggings - Zara
Booties - H&M

If you're interested in getting the sweater it's now an additional 50% off the clearance price at Forever 21. I stopped by Forever 21 today, but I didn't get anything. I did get a few other items from Nordstrom and Sephora though.


Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleansing Brush

I have been using the regular brush head that came with the Clarisonic ever since I've had it. I've decided to try out the deep pore cleansing brush to see how I like/dislike it. Will there be a difference or any improvements? Let's see! 

Clarins Eye Contour Balm 

I've been using an eye cream from work, but I haven't seen much of a difference after using it up. I tried out my mom's eye cream and that wasn't such a great idea. I think I had an allergic reaction on my eyelids and stopped using it. Hopefully, my love for the Clarins UV Plus Ecran Multi-Protection sunblock will be how I feel for their eye cream as well. I got some samples too! I will definitely try it out. 

Vintage By Jeffrey Campbell
Babylon Black Patent Gold Mesh


Anastasia Brow Pencil

Currently my favorite eyebrow pencil because it's thin, but I wish it came with a refill. 

With the points I currently have, I picked up the NARS 500 point gift set. 

What's in the box?

 I can't wait until I try these products. Hopefully, I like/love them!