Thursday, August 06, 2015

Little Black Dress

How many little black dresses do you own in your closet? I've never gave it much thought, but it's definitely a staple piece in any girl's wardrobe. I recently bought this light weight knit tank dress from Nordstrom Rack. I also picked up this cute necklace from Target for about $3! What a steal. The clearance section has some great deals (not that you need anymore reason to spend more money then needed at Target).

I also finally renewed passports yesterday with my aunt and sister. I have always assumed we were unable to smile in passport pictures, but the post office man told us to do so, lol!

I also got the chance to finally try EMC oysters! We made it to happy hour finally!!

Delicious! We also stopped by Salt &  Straw. The honey lavender ice cream was a bit floral-y tasting! If that's even a word, lol.

My photography skills have failed me here 😂

Well that's about it for yesterday, I'm currently debating whether I want to stop by the mall or not tonight .... :-)



  1. Great post! :) Love the idea of having the text in a written form between the images, looks really cool! :)

  2. Perfect look in that dress:)

  3. In this little black dress looking so much cute babe.!