Tank -- Ya Los Angeles (Bora, Asian Garden Mall)
Skirt -- MNG Mango x JC Penney
Ring -- Brandy Melville 

The summer weather has finally arrived in California and I definitely felt it on Thursday in LA. I stayed cool with a tank and maxi skirt for the day. Plus, I love how my skirt flows.

I went to the Toy District and Hollywood Blvd. with my younger sister and best friend while we were in LA. We were persuaded at the door by the workers to eat at Cho Oishi, a Japanese Restaurant. Sushi rolls and bento boxes got us full real quick.

I'll tell you what wasn't quick though. The drive home. It was a long, but good day. I hope you have a good day too! I'll make my first official post short, don't want to bore you yet! Thanks for stopping by. Leave any suggestions/tips I need to improve on.

P.S. Thanks to Jaclyn Mach & Christine Park for taking these photos for my outfit out of the day.



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