Dimsum and Dresses.

Good afternoon,

The day has not ended, but I'm going to update really quick. I've finally went out to eat with my dad on the weekend, A WEEKEND to be exact. We went to go eat Dimsum at Seafood World with my sister and Michael. My cousin Michael from New Mexico is visiting until the end of July. I've been thinking of places to take him. Where should we go? Hm.

Yum yum (From my Instagram)

Here's my outfit of the day.

Blouse - The Limited (It was on sale & an additonal 40% off, sweet!)
Shorts - H&M
Sandals - Gap 

One last thing!

Recently my friend has opened up her online store for a few of her dresses. We just took a few shots of us wearing them before she sends them off to her customers! So proud of her :-') There are a few left, so check them out here!

Isn't it cute? Well I'll end it here, because I'm getting hungry again! : X 



  1. I love your style! It's so simple and classy. <3 Can't wait to see more of your posts!



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