Distressed Jeans.

Hi there.

What do I have planned for this Saturday? Not much,just another day of relaxing.

I woke up around 9/10AM to grab some breakfast with my cousin and sister. We went to Kaye's on Brookhurst to get some Eggs Benedict. Yum yum! It did take quite some time for my sister and I to get ready, so it was more of a brunch lol :-) We also stopped by Golden Papaya on the way back to my aunt's house. Just like that, those were the final hours of my cousin's stay in California! He's heading back to New Mexico until his next break. If Michael visits during Winter Break, hopefully we will be able to think of other places to go/eat.

 I decided to be a bit more daring with my choice of shoes today. I wore my new BCBG boots/heels. I'm not quite sure which it is, but I know it has a peep toe and cutout. It also has a gold heel too! I've been looking for some booties/heels to match with tights and such, but I haven't been able to find it. These are pretty close to what I wanted, but they have a little more height than I wanted. I can't picture myself wearing this around campus....... My feet will cry, hahaha. I will continue to be on the hunt for those perfect booties! Aside from the boots/heels, I also got my distressed jeans from Nordstrom Rack too. They were only around $12! I think that's a pretty good deal for a pair of jeans. Not bad, right? :-)  

T-Shirt - H&M
Distressed Jeans - This City from Nordstrom Rack
Boots/Heels - BCBG from Nordstrom Rack

Well not to further bore you with my rambling, so I'll end it here. Good day everyone. I will continue on with my Saturday! I'm going to Raging Waters tomorrow :-) and I'm excited. I will update soon.



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