Hello hello,

Is it good evening or good night? Well it's almost 10 PM where I'm at, haha. Yesterday, I went to Raging Waters and I definitely got a tan going on. It was fun! Definitely a way to beat the heat going on in California lately. I don't really have any pictures at the water park, because I don't have a waterproof camera.Lol, I just have a few snaps before entering the park, as well as a snap of my swimsuit and the backpack I used. Hopefully, there will be some cool pictures on the disposable waterproof camera we took. 

On the tram

Swimsuit from J Crew

Backpack from ASOS 

 I'm basically wearing the same dress I wore to the park yesterday, today. I washed it last night by hand and it dried completely over night. (Can you tell how hot is?)

Hat - Forever 21
Dress - Old Navy
Flip Flops - Nordstrom Rack, Gucci

Today consisted of Lazy Dog Cafe for happy hour! Such good food. I love their hush puppies and Cajun fries off the happy hour menu. Today was the first time I tried their Hawaiian Ahi Poke and Pomegranate Sangria. 

Wok Fried Calamari

Hawaiian Ahi Poke

I did a little shopping at Nordstrom and Forever 21. I picked up these pair of white pants from Nordstrom by Topshop. I've been really loving white pants lately. I actually own a similar fit/style in black, so that's why I had to buy the white ones too! Too bad it wasn't something part of the NSALE

I also got this burgundy/maroon (sort of looks purple) hat from Forever 21 for $10! It's so cute. I love hats. 

 Here's a selfie with the hat, lol!

Well, I'm going to wash up and call it a night! Good night.



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