Blue Gray.

Hello hello.

Why has it been extra hot lately? I was enjoying the summer breeze, now I feel like I'm melting. I plan to go to the beach with my sister and cousins tomorrow. I hope my plan follows through, haha.

Yesterday, my aunt took us (Karen, Michael, and I) to the buffet and we needed to do some walking after so we went to Nordstrom Rack. It wasn't much walking though since the Nordstrom Rack at Huntington Beach is small....., but I found this dress yesterday. The dress has a split right down the middle, hello breeze. It was an additional 25% off since it was a red tag item.  Score! (-: $16 well spent. Check out your local Nordstrom Rack and see what you can find!

Dress - Nordstrom Rack
Sandals - Gap 

Well I'll end it here. I haven't done much except go to Guppies for brunch. I hope the day ends well.



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