The Forgotten Jumpsuit.

Don't you just love it, when you find clothes you forget about? I forgot I even had this jumpsuit, but I found it lying underneath all the clothes I've hanged up. I tend to wear what's usually comfortable and this is definitely one of those pieces/items. I got this a while back at Forever 21, and I'm pretty sure there are some similar items currently in store. As for the denim vest, I'm not quite sure where I bought it, but I have it in two different colors. One was from No Rest From Bridget at and ther other one I found at some fashion store. I find it easier to pair the lighter color with every thing than the dark one. 

Well, I haven't done much today, except take my cousin to summer class and my little cousin Dustin  (the photographer) to get some 7 Leaves & Frostbites! I will be heading off to the mall soon with my aunt and Dustin. Hopefully, I'll get something (-; heheh. Have a good day! 

Denim Vest- Thread & Supply
Jumpsuit - Forever 21
Sandals - Gap 



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