Good evening,

I slept in today and didn't get out of bed until around 12PM today. The lack of sleep has been catching up to me. I love Wednesdays, (the days I get to sleep in and end class early). I was taking my sweet time getting ready this morning, so I didn't leave home until 1:20PM. I got to school around 1:40 and my class started at two, lol. Goodness, I was definitely rushing.

Here's my outfit of the day AFTER class. I didn't wear my sweater to class because even though it's getting colder, it's still hot. I don't get the weather.  Not going to lie, I forgot about this sweater. It's one of my favorite things I found at Savers/thrifted. I should definitely go back to Savers sometime soon.

Sweater - Hill & Archer (Thrifted at Savers)
Blouse - H&M
Khaki pants - H&M
Oxfords - Hinge (Nordstrom)



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