Feeling Dressy.

I can't believe I finally uploaded and shared a video yesterday. It takes quite a bit of time and work to edit and put a video together.... I hope I'm able to film and edit more regularly/freely. Definitely an eyebrow tutorial/routine will be filmed in the near future. I haven't been up to much, but I finally hung out with my girl friends last night! We're all at a different stage of life. Most of us are working, and it's definitely harder to plan our hangouts. All a part of growing up (-':   During this late birthday dinner, I was gifted a very cute dress that can be seen below! 

Dress - Zara

Shorts - Forever 21
Sandals - J Crew 

I really like different textures and colors of the dress! The weather has been hotter as of late. I'm finally feeling the summer heat. I'm staying cool by staying in doors.... and being lazy, heh. Hope you all are having a good day :-)




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