Here's a weekend recap!

I feel like December came so fast, and there's going to be so many things that need to get done before Christmas hits. I'm going to definitely need some time to plan and prioritize what to do and get.


On Friday night, I had a quick dinner with my friends Jaclyn and Christine after work. We visited this noodle place in LA called Mimimyunga. There was soba, udon, and ramen. All different types of noodle dishes (even hot and cold). The area/plaza that Mimimyunga reminded me of the Source in Buena Park (OC), or at least what the Source is aspiring to be! There's several different types of eateries in this plaza. Check it out if you're indecisive of what to eat, and want several options.

I got the beef udon as usual. My go to.

On Saturday, it was our mission to wake up early and return stuff we got from Abercrombie (from Black Friday). We  (my sister and I) wanted to the beat/avoid the holiday crowd, but it wasn't too busy. I think in a few weeks, everyone's going to do their last minute shopping (including me).
We also had a late lunch at Com Ga Nam An in Westminster with my mom as well.

Here's my sister wearing the white version of the shearling coat.

It was pretty good. The broth felt really clean, and not too heavy. There was an abundant amount of noodles. I didn't even finish my noodles.

Of course, had to have a late coffee from my one of my favorite boba places. House coffee from 7 Leaves!

I ended up exchanging my blazer size from Abercrombie for a bigger one so I can easily layer knits underneath. I've been really wanting a plaid/oversize looking blazer, and this one was half off during Black Friday! They still have sales ongoing at Abercrombie, so definitely check it out before ends. I'll update with more pieces soon when I get the chance. I actually did some damage at my work's sample sale as well. Can't wait to share.

Abercrombie - Blazer - $60 (Currently a $120, with 30% off)
I definitely recommend sizing up if you want that oversized look. Just for reference I got a size 8. I normally fit a 4-6, but I want it to look oversized and have it easy to layer.

Ended the night with game night, Monopoly. It always gets intense when people start buying houses and properties!! I love it. 

Do you take Monopoly money? 

If only.

What do you guys usually do on the weekend? Let a sister know.



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