Wow, December has been such a busy month! I felt like I couldn’t breathe on the weekends, and soon it’s coming to an end. First and foremost I felt like 2018 went by so quickly, and I didn't even set any goals for myself. I was just merely going through life without any need to grow. I hope this year's much different, and I plan to set some new goals. Probably will be in the next post, because if I really put it out there then I really have to work on it. It exists. Lol.

All these gifts I prepared for work. Target had such cute wrapping paper.


Also made some rice Krispy treats too. Such an easy thing to make for the holidays. Just add green food dye to make it festive! Lol :) 

I'll be back soon with more updates. 

XO, Haley 


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