Happy Sunday!

Went on a hike at Eaton Canyon in/near Pasadena with my friends Vinh, Trinh and her boyfriend Alvin today. There was actually a lot of water throughout the trails, and a lot of rocks. Slightly slipped a few times, lol. My 270's were submerged in the water a few times. I hope they dry off fine. Would it be time to invest in some actual hiking shoes? What are some good and affordable brands?

After the trail we had a bite at Copa Vida. 

Chorizo Hash 

We also grabbed some Acai from Natura Bowls.

I liked how they have different sizes at this location. Most of the time it's usually one size. The quality was pretty good too. I'll probably be back or stop by on the way home from work.

I hope everyone had a good Sunday. I'm currently and finally watching Bird Box. I am so late. Did you guys watch it? Did you like it? I need to find something else to binge-watch on Netflix. I recently watched YOU, and that was pretty good too. Dan Humphrey 2.0, lol. Well, I shall call it a night and Netflix! 



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